The Coherence of disembodied existence

Essay question – coherence of disembodied existence – one possible approach

Start by examining traditional dualist theories

Plato – argument from knowledge and opposites, Descartes – I think therefore I am

Use traditional defences of dualism such as: Qualia, Intentionality, Privacy, Freedom

Bring in possible support from: NDE’s, The paranormal (ESP etc.), Traditional beliefs such as reincarnation

Dualism doesn’t need bodily continuity for identity- memory will suffice(eg Penelhum memory is the key to identity)

Examine meaningfulness – Antony Flew, P Badham

Give materialist/monist views eg. Dawkins, Gilbert Ryle

Materialist arguments, Eg. Identity theory, behaviourism, emerging quality

Do they provide forceful reasons for doubting post-death survival?

Examine coherence of disembodied existence

Swinburne, H H Price – thought experiments to show its coherence

Arguments against them

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