The Nature of God – Omniscience

The Problem – if God knows what I’m going to do in the future I am not free to choose. Often stated as something like “If God knows I’m going to have muesli for breakfast tomorrow morning I’m not free to have toast.”

One answer, going back to Boethius is given here by C S Lewis:

[in a discussion of how man can have Free Will if God is omniscient]

“Strictly speaking, He never foresees; He simply sees. Your ‘future’ is only an area, and only for us a special area, of His infinite Now. He sees (not remembers) your yesterday’s acts because yesterday is still ‘there’ for Him; he sees (not foresees) your tomorrow’s acts because He is already in tomorrow. As a human spectator, by watching my present act, does not at all infringe its freedom, so I am none the less free to act as I choose in the future because God, in that future (His present) watches me acting.”


  1. I am confused now :D……But can this problem be approached from the argument of God’s eternity? i.e. everlasting or eternal. Since everlasting suggest God learns things as time passes..etc

    • Yes the alternative would be to say God is everlasting in time and therefore is capable of learning – this preserves our free will at the expense of God’s omniscience – although Swinburne maintains there can still be foreknowledge but not total I think

  2. This is the way I see it. We spent too much time trying to figure out the omniscience of God. If free will is an illusion then man is without moral responsibility. (Personally, I like CE Lewis interpretation). As humans, we sneak around and do stuff, because we fear that someone (human) is watching. We can not see God. He is spiritual. He sees everything we do. We fear being caught by a human more than God. My point is who do we fear the most or do we fear both equally?

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