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Why does this programme annoy me so much? The ubiquity of Brian Cox and Robin Ince? The self-satisfied self-congratulatory smugness of the programme? The overwhelmingly male panel? The lazy platitudinous characterisation of religion and faith as easy options, usually for faith as ‘belief without evidence’ as opposed to science which is ‘belief based on evidence’?

In the programme on Radio 4 the other day I heard essentially this argument: “Science is great because ‘I don’t know’ is the commonest phrase used by scientists, whilst religion is crap because its adherents have all the answers and therefore abandon all curiosity and interest in life”. Again and again there is a real sense that these people haven’t bothered to find out what faith might actually be to believers, and to have some sense of what belief is about. Many of the greatest theologians have been essentially agnostic about God. All believers are…

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