Life In Extremis…

Unbelievably moving…

Life In Extremis


My name is Veryan, I am 34 years old and since May 2013 my whole life has been dramatically turned upside down and I am living with the consequences.

Last May when I was 32 weeks pregnant with my first child I was diagnosed with Stage 2b cervical cancer. My partner, Matt and I were devastated and in total shock. We had been happily preparing for our new family despite having a very difficult pregnancy when suddenly everything was thrown into peril on a scale we had not imagined we would be facing.  One week later our son, Arthur was born 7 weeks premature by caesarean in order that I could start my treatment as soon as possible. Arthur was in NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) for the first two weeks of his life and we came home from hospital when he was 19 days old, just after I had…

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