A2 Predictions

Edit June 2016: These were my predictions for 2015. I would say number 1 and 5 still apply, but for a fresh set of predictions go here.

1. Hume’s understanding of miracle is flawed. Discuss.

2. The concept of disembodied existence is incoherent. Discuss

3. Critically assess theories of the use and purposes of religious language

4. Scripture is the only valid form of revelation. Discuss.

5. Critically assess Ayer’s theory of Verification.

6. There will always be more plausible explanations for religious experience than God. Discuss.

These are my six guesses for the A2 Philosophy examination questions this year. 1 is likely I would say because we have had miracles the least as a topic, and because there has never been a question on the different understandings of miracle. 2 because it hasn’t come around for a while, 3 has never come up – to be honest I’m not sure how a question on it would be phrased, but we have been told they can ask a question on anything on the spec, and its on the spec. 4 because we haven’t had revelation for a while, and this particular question hasn’t come up. 5 because we haven’t had Ayer/verification for ages (since before the new spec) and 6 because, as they mention here there hasn’t been a question on challenges to religious experience – although that is not specifically mentioned on the spec – but I do have a hunch there may be a religious experience question – call it a religious experience if you will! Good luck!


  1. i was wondering, did you deliberately use the word valid on question 4? for this question would you expect the student to analyse the philosophical validity of different ways of revelation (with the whole premises thing)? thanks :)9

    • I wanted to get a sort of synoptic question where the student would have to contrast scriptural revelation with eg. religious experience – I don’t know really whether the board would do this, although it has been a question I think in the OCR textbook.

      • Equally though, the question implies that the student should evaluate the difference between the Catholic and Protestant views which forms part of the propositional/non-propositional question

  2. Do you not think that there will be a question on Attributes of God? It didn’t come up last year, and stuff like omniscience hasn’t come up since 2011 according to Peter Baron.

    • These are just educated guesses. Omniscience could come up of course. Apart from last year there has been a nature of God question every year though unlike say, miracles.

      • That’s a good point. Do you think that Hume’s view of miracles are a good shout to come up then?

      • It is possible, though I thought that last year too, and Biblical miracles came up!

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