This page has various snippets of things that I currently find interesting from around the web.

Here is an interesting talk by Graham Hancock that ranges around many areas such as psychoactive plants, religious experience, consciousness, addiction, life after death, and many other things.

I find it interesting that Graham Hancock in this video talks about his smoking marijuana for many years, and how he used to enjoy it, but that it had a negative effect on his character.

But then he went to the Amazon jungle, drunk ayahuasca, a psychoactive drug , and essentially had a religious experience where he encountered a figure called ‘Mother Ayahuasca’, who put him through an ordeal – where he was shown his death and the hell that awaited afterwards for him if he didn’t reform his behaviour (which he linked to his long-term cannabis use).

According to Hancock there have been many reports of people with long-term addictions to heroin, cocaine and alcohol who have been taken on a course of ayahuasca sessions with an experienced guide and been completely cured of their addiction.

I can’t help but link this experience of a healing mother who wants to help humanity, and who shows him a vision of hell, with the visions given to the children at Fatima in Portugal by the Virgin Mary. I find it interesting that you can go to the Amazon and find a healing mother figure, or China and find the Goddess Guan-Yin – a healing mother figure, or Tibet and find Green Tara – a healing mother figure. Is there a universal need in the human psyche for such a figure, or does every culture encounter her because she is real?


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