Possible DCT Questions 2019

There have been a few areas that haven’t come up over the last two years – From the year 1 modules:

Augustine – original Sin and Grace

Death and the Afterlife – Heaven, Hell and Purgatory

Knowledge of God – Natural Theology

Christian Moral Principles – Bible/Agape

The Year 2 modules:


Gender and Society

Liberation and Marx

This makes it rather tough to have any kind of an educated guess as the field is so wide. I would be surprised though, if Pluralism didn’t come up, as that is essentially two topics. Perhaps also a question on Liberation. You could do worse than do some practice questions in these areas anyway. In future posts I will attempt to write some exemplar answers for the three modules.


  1. Augustine Human Nature- Original Sin was on AS sample paper. Death Afterlife- Hell on A2 sample paper. Knowledge of God- Natural Theology AS sample paper. Are you including sample papers in making predictions or do you think it’s better to just look at the actual papers. Thanks

    • That is a good point. I’ve always just used the actual papers to make predictions, but they possibly wouldn’t do exactly the same title as the sample paper.

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