Practice Questions A2

On a certain other Philosophy and Ethics website they have put their advice about what areas they think will come up this summer in the OCR Religious Studies exam (June 7th). However, you have to buy a copy of one of their books to find it. I don’t have the time to write a book on this, but I will have a go at telling you what I think it might be wise to revise, simply based on areas of the spec that haven’t come up for a long time. So here we go, four questions:

Critically assess Rudolf Otto’s concept of numinous experience.

‘Hume’s definition of miracles makes them impossible to believe in.’ Discuss.

‘Plato’s arguments for the soul are ineffective.’ Discuss.

Critically assess the view of scripture as revelation.

You could do a lot worse than have a go at writing an answer to these questions as part of your revision.


  1. I agree that Religious Experience is very likely to come up- I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be numinous, though it could be voices- neither of these have come up since the spec changed.
    As for Hume I think that would be unlikely, given that there was a question on miracles last year. Religious Language is a very popular topic, I wonder whether they’ll get Analogy, Myth or Verification.
    I personally don’t like the Attributes of God at all, so I’m hoping this is the year they skip that one!

    • I actually wrote this last year to predict the 2013 exams! But wasn’t very successful! But I agree, as numinous and voices have not come up it definitely could be them!

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